AMI Bearing

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Fast delivery time Lower costs Consistent quality Excellent lifetime precision.Zero backlash; Excellent lifetime precision;Rapid Delivery;Long Warranty service.Compact light design.Excellent precision.Harmonic drive supplier.Models: CHS, CCS, CCSH, CHSH, CHD, CCD.

High rigidity crossed roller bearings feature solid, one-piece construction for high accuracy. Inseparable design integrates inner and outer ring into one structure for high rigidity. Smooth rotation ensured by separators incorporated between cylindrical rollers, suitable for high rotational speeds.

AMI UCFB201-8C4HR23 Flange Block Bearings

Self Lubricating 1 in
Non-Expansion Bearin 032970

AMI KHP204-12 Mounted Units & Inserts


AMI KHME205 Mounted Units & Inserts

0.7500 in 29502-4536
-22 to 400°F Exceptional Bearing

AMI KHLLP205-15 Pillow Block Bearings

0.8450 in 0.9375 in
0.845 in Uncoated

AMI KHLLP204-12 Pillow Block Bearings

Oilite®, Synthet 50000
6-1/2 in SAE 841, CT-1000-K26

AMI UEFCF207-23NPMZ20 Mounted Units & Inserts

36 mm 18 mm
-22 to 248 °F 52100 Bearing Steel

AMI UEFCF210-31 Mounted Units & Inserts

3.1250 in 29607-7761
-22 to 400°F 12000 fpm

AMI UEFCF209-27 Flange Block Bearings

Triple Lip 3320 RPM
Split Pillow Block UL, AFBMA, AGMA, ASM

AMI UEFCF208 Mounted Units & Inserts

1.8125 in Open
29685 37200 lbf

AMI UEFCF206-20 Mounted Units & Inserts

6-1/2 in 740729
SCS 9001:2008 &

AMI UEFC207-20TCMZ20 Mounted Units & Inserts

Black Oxide 2060 RPM
Concentric Collar 4-1/2 in

AMI UEFCF205-15 Mounted Units & Inserts

Class K Steel
053893263588 24 mm